Wolfgang Kluge is a painter of format. Large, often church-window formats lend a festive and almost quite sacred imprint to his loft-like studio rooms in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Kluge’s paintings are colorful eye-catchers. They are like windows, shedding light and leading to vision.

The viewer looks not just at clever works, but looks into the panorama of an alien world. His paintings unfold a dual effect. First, they impress the viewer when he looks at them from afar, from a distance of five or ten meters. But at least the viewer is demanded to look intensely when he studies the paintings on a close distance.
On closer examination, one discovers the finest -anywhere on the image- surface structures and recurring and constantly changing patterns. This fine structuralization makes each painting one of a kind that no one may copy and reproduce, not even the artist himself.

Wolfgang Kluge @ Shanghai Art Fair 2012
Wolfgang Kluge - Portrait


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You need not look long for Wolfgang Kluge's secret. It is ready there in many sizes and varieties in his studio on a desk which resembles rather a work-bench. "WHAK", Wolfgang Hermann Albert Kluge – is the symbol with which he signs his works, created not only with brush, but also with a spatula, an artistic tool with which no other contemporary artist can make such a perfection.

Wolfgang Kluge's paintings show the traces of the work process in which they are originated. They are formed not on a specific schedule, but during the course of the artistic process. They attain completion only in the eye of the beholder. The recipient will be involved in the production of the artwork, giving the image meaning and significance.

At the beginning of the artistic creation of Wolfgang Kluge, large-scale abstract paintings stand with monochrome color fields floating away into each other through which you can still detect the influence of his guide Mark Rothko.

In the course of his artistic maturity process, Wolfgang Kluge dissolves step by step from abstract painting and opens up his mind to social issues. The current crises and conflicts in international politics are reflected in the work of Wolfgang Kluge variously. He avoids harsh and crude agitational effects and consequently chooses the way of aesthetic transformation and elevation.

Societal criticism far outweighs in context of the previous complete works of Wolfgang Kluge. Whoever looks around in his big studio spaces, marvels at the fullness of impressive paintings flooded with light providing dynamism, vitality and joy of life, all in one or another way.


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International exhibitions
& art fairs:

2022, 08 July - 08 September
Honoring 50 Years of Sino-European
Cultural Exchange, Chongqing

2021, 23 September - 24 November 2021
Chongqing International Art Exhibition, China

2019, 01 February - 14 April
Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

2018, 29 April - 02 May
Art Beijing 2018

2017, 31 May - 19 June
Galleria360, Florence

2016, 03 - 06 March
Scope New York 2016

2015, 01 – 06 December
Art Miami Beach 2015

2013, 03 – 08 December
Scope Miami Beach 2013

2013, 10 – 16 June
Scope Basel 2013

2013, 25 – 28 April
Art Monaco ’13

2012, 31 October – 04 November
Shanghai Art Fair / China

2012, 29 April – 02 May
Art Beijing / China

2012, 16 – 19 February
Art Madrid / Spain
National exhibitions
& art fairs:

2022, 30 July – 13 August
Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg

2018, 09 – 10 June
NOHO ART Hamburg

2017, 15 April – 06 May
WHAK - A painter confesses color & shows format
Solo-Exhibition, Ostsee-Galerie, Timmendorfer Strand

2014, 07 March – 30 April
WHAK – The Rainbowman – new inspirations
Solo-Exhibition, Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH)
in Cooperation with Donner & Reuschel Privatbank,

2013, 29 November – 31 December
End of the year & Portrait – Special Exhibition
Group-Exhibition, Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg

2013, 11 April – 31 May
WHAK – The Rainbowman
Solo-Exhibition, Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg
in Cooperation with Hypovereinsbank
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Wolfgang Kluge at
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08 November 2017

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16 October 2017

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14 /15 April 2017

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Magazine "Lübecker Bucht"
April 2017

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Spring 2014

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Spring 2014

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Art-Magazine Spring 2013

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Wolfgang Kluge at Chinese Contemporary Art News
May 2012

Wolfgang Kluge at Global Art Magazine
January 2012




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